Welcome to Industrial Specialties, LLC


Welcome to Industrial Specialties

Industrial Specialties, LLC is an exclusive distributor of Avebe products in North America.  We supply modified potato starch, dextrins, and starch derivatives to many industrial markets. These starches and dextrins are treated, customized, and categorized for specific uses.  Generally speaking, glue manufacturers and other adhesive users are our largest consumer. Avebe's range of dextrins is used for envelope adhesives, laminating, mucilage (gum) , bottle labeling, tube winding, and case/carton sealing. Our customers use Avebe products to mix paste for bill posting, target shooting, and wallpaper/murals.  There are many other fascinating uses for our products in the arts and craft industry as well as in the textile industry.   We even have an earth friendly product used in water treatment plants.  Modified potato starch is a renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable raw material with unique properties in viscosity, binding, tack, and film forming. 

By nature, starch from the potato has the highest wet tack of all starches.

Potato starch is also a natural polymer. Increasing it’s use reduces the long-term dependency on petroleum-based raw materials. Our raw material produces the "greenest adhesive on earth."

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#1 Target Paste


 If these targets don’t hold up to the wind and rain, then that nice clear white paper comes flying off and we fail our mission. At WTB Quantico, we use Viscogel to adhere the targets to the backing boards for target practice. 

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John D.

"Potato paste is the best for billposting"

Hannah A.

"We use Vicogel for wallpapering and murals.  It's so easy to mix."

Cpl Bayer


Thank you, for the quick shipment. I’m in your debt! You pulled us out of a sticky situation and we, as a Battalion, are grateful for your support. 

We look forward to doing business with you again!

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